Day One
Day One


TW S1:Ep2


  • Jack Harkness
  • Gwen Cooper
  • Owen Harper
  • Toshiko Sato
  • Ianto Jones


Sex Gas


The Torchwood team arrives at an asteroid crash site. The Army is already there. The team use their Torchwood authority to get through the troops. As the others move into action, taking samples and readings, Gwen feels inexperienced and out of place. When Owen taunts her, calling her the "New Girl", Gwen tosses a chisel at him and misses, puncturing the skin of the meteor releasing a gas. The purplish gas hisses out of the meteor, coalescing and rising into the air.

At a night club in Cardiff a young woman, Carys, is leaving a voice mail to her boyfriend when she is confronted by the gaseous creature. It backs her against a wall, then flows into her body. Suddenly sexually aggressive, she regains entry into the club by kissing the bouncer, and picks up a man, Matt, and takes him into the women's toilet. They proceed to have sex, and at the moment of climax Matt dissolves into a glowing cloud of dust, the energy portion of which Carys absorbs.

Ianto informs them of the incident at the nightclub. Arriving, the team finds the CCTV tapes that show Carys and Matt having their deadly sex, and then the alien taking her over in the alley. Jack arranges for a body to be taken out of storage to fake a suicide for Matt, the concept of which horrifies Gwen.

While the team tries to track Carys by cross-checking video from the surveillance cameras with a database containing the faces of the UK population, Carys is feeling the effects of the alien in her body, which is causing her pain. The postman arrives, and Carys pulls him into her house for sex, but the team manages to arrive before she can do the deed.

Whilst in a holding cell in the Hub a consciousness takes over Carys momentarily, explaining to Gwen that it is not here for conquest, but to feed off human orgasmic energy.

Toshiko discovers the alien presence in Carys is producing an ultra-powerful cloud of pheromones around her, turning her into a walking aphrodisiac. They realise, too late, that Owen might be affected, and they find him naked and cuffed in the cell.

Owen demonstrates the results of his biosscan of Carys on a rat showing that the physiological effects of the gaseous creature will make the body literally explode.

Checking her background, the team discovers that Carys had temporarily worked as a receptionist at Conway Clinic, an ideal source of orgasmic energy. They also determine that the alien takes hosts because Earth's atmosphere is poisonous to it. Carys is already at the clinic, dragging the sperm donors into rooms. When the team arrives, there are piles of dust everywhere. When they surround her, Carys collapses, too weak to fight the alien any more. Jack kisses her, giving up some of his life force to revitalise her without dying due to his invulnerability.

Gwen then offers to take the host into herself, asking the alien to spare Carys. When the alien flows out of Carys' body, Jack drops a portable prison cell and traps it inside. Separated from its host, the alien dies, falling into a pile of dust. Gwen and Jack then take Carys back to her father.

Main Characters and EnemiesEdit


Jack Harkness

Day One d

Gwen Cooper

Day One

Sex Gas

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